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2016 AMI 0-3/3-6 Refresher CourseSensorial Education – a Foundation for the Intelligence



Everything that we understand about our world comes to us initially through our senses. Children are naturally drawn to use their senses for exploration in the first years of life and in doing this they build a mind that perceives all of the nuances of the world around them clearly.

This AMI Refresher course is offered at 2 different levels with individual programmes for 0-3 AMI Diploma holders and 3-6 AMI Diploma holders. At each level we will revisit the principles of how we offer Sensorial experiences to children of this particular age so we can reflect on these in terms of our practice.

培训师简介:Trainers’ Bio:

21.jpg 0-3进修课程培训师:Sara Brady 萨拉-布雷迪

Sara拥有AMI 0-3和3-6阶段的教师资格证书,及美国马里兰州Loyola学院的教育硕士学位。自1999年起,Sara在各种蒙台梭利教学环境(全日制日托中心、幼儿园及家庭蒙台梭利环境)中积累了丰富的工作经验。她非常享受在Nido和IC以及亲子婴儿课堂里的工作经历。Sara与她的先生及三个孩子一起生活在澳大利亚的悉尼。

0-3 Refresher Course trainer: Sara Brady

Sara holds AMI diplomas at both Assistants to Infancy and Children’s House levels. She has a Masters in Education from Loyola College in Maryland. Since 1999 Sara has worked extensively in a variety of Montessori settings: long-day care, pre-school and Montessori in the home. She has enjoyed working in Nido and Infant Communities as well as parent-infant classes. Sara lives in Sydney, Australia with her husband and three children.


QQ图片20160223125352.png3-6进修课程培训师Louise Livingston路易斯-利文斯顿

Louise Livingston在英国一家儿童慈善机构Childline担当受虐儿童咨询师时发展出了对理解儿童的兴趣。她在伦敦玛利亚蒙台梭利学院获得了3-6岁的蒙台梭利证书。她先在儿童之家工作了几年,之后开始经营玛利亚蒙台梭利学院下的其中一所示范学校。Louise 目前是伦敦玛利亚蒙台梭利学院的培训主管,负责全天的培训课程。她也是AMI在中国的培训师团队的负责人,自2011年起在中国进行蒙台梭利教师培训。她同时还是AMI的考官,学校顾问,并在英国与其它国家进行演讲。她是英国蒙台梭利教育委员会的成员,该委员会负责管理英国蒙台梭利学校认证方案。Louise是AMI百年大会筹划指导委员会的一份子,并在世界各地的百年庆典活动的协调中发挥了关键作用。她也是AMI“生命的辅助”家长支持项目委员会的关键成员,一直负责视听与书面资料的编撰。

3-6 Refresher Course trainer: Louise Livingston

Louise Livingston first developed an interest in understanding children through her work as a counselor for abused children with the UK charity Childline. She gained her Montessori diploma at the 3-6 level at the Maria Montessori Institute in London and worked for many years in Children’s Houses latterly running one of the Maria Montessori Institute’s own exemplar schools. Louise is presently Director of Training at the Maria Montessori Institute in London where she is responsible for the full time courses. She is also the co-ordinator of the AMI faculty delivering Montessori training in China and has been training Montessori teachers in China since 2011. She is an AMI Examiner and school mentor and lectures both in the UK and internationally. She is also on the council of Montessori Education UK, the body responsible for running the UK Montessori schools quality assurance scheme. Louise was part of the AMI Centenary Steering Committee and played a key role in co-ordinating the Centenary activities around the world. She is a key member of the committee co-ordinating the AMI parent support initiative Aid to Life and has been responsible for co-writing and editing all the audio visual and printed resources.


Course Fee:

 1100RMB/person (exclude accommodation and transportation), Institute member enjoys a 10% off discount.


Course date: April 23-24, 2016




Course location:

Zhejiang Montessori Institute of Child Development

No 239, Tongren Street, Binjiang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang China




The AMI Refresher Course is only for AMI diploma holders. Participants will receive an AMI Refresher Course Certificate that shares the name certificate number with your AMI Diploma.




For English speakers, contact us at:

13588046406 Joyce Zuo





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